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STEP INTO A WORLD OF ADVENTURE!Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games. Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Travel across fields, through forests and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the ruined kingdom of Hyrule in this stunning open-air adventure.Features:* Explore the wilds of Hyrule any way you like - Climb up towers and mountain peaks in search of new destinations, then set your own path to get there and plunge into the...

Amiibo Common Unlockables

You can scan an Amiibo toy once per day to get its common unlockable. In addition to its common unlockable item, random food and materials may also drop. Note: There's a chance that 30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link will drop the Biggoron's Sword as his sword drop. This is separate from his actual rare drop item, the Ocarina of Time Tunic. Additionally, 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link can drop the Seabreeze Boomerang as his gear drop (his actual rare item drop is the Wind Waker tunic).

How to unlock

Amiibo Common Unlockables

You can scan an Amiibo toy once per day to get its common unlockables. These are the items you can get from the chests if you don't get the rare unlockable. Note that some items won't appear unless you obtain the Paraglider or complete one Divine Beast dungeon.

How to Unlock
Bows or Special Arrows
Breath of the Wild Archer Link
Broadswords, Boomerangs or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link
Claymores or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link
Claymores, Gems or Monster Parts
Super Smash Bros Ganondorf
Dragonbone, Spiked or Boko Weapons
Breath of the Wild Bokoblin
Guardian, Ancient or Rusty Equipment
Breath of the Wild Guardian
Random Items (But No Chests)
Any Non-Zelda Amiibo
Shields or Gems
Breath of the Wild Zelda or 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Zelda
Shields or Gems
Super Smash Bros Zelda or Super Smash Bros Sheik
Swords or Special Arrows
Breath of the Wild Horse Rider Link
Swords, Shields or Special Arrows
30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
Swords, Shields or Special Arrows
Super Smash Bros Link
Wolf Link Ally
Twilight Princess Wolf Link

Amiibo Rare Unlockables

You can scan each Amiibo once per day. A few of them have rare items. Each time, you have a random chance of the Amiibo dropping it's rare item. Note: Epona is guaranteed to drop the first time you scan SSB Link, but it only ever happen once per save game. You should only summon Epona if you have access to a Stable to keep her permanently.

How to unlock

Change chuchu jelly type
You can change chuchu jelly types by using different elements on them. Fire will get you red jelly, ice will get you white jelly, and lightning will get you yellow jelly. There are several weapons will elemental properties in the game that work well for this.

Easily tame horses *new*

If you shoot a horse with an ice arrow and approach it from behind, you can mash A when it comes out, and mount immediately, then simply mash L to tame your horse.

Easy Arrows

To get a lot of arrows easily, find a relatively flat area with a few Bokoblin Archers on horseback, like south of the Tenah Ko'sah shrine in the Tabantha region. Get them to notice you, then angle the camera to a top-down view. If done right, the archers will shoot all around you, but never actually hit you. You can easily farm hundreds of arrows this way with no damage after a few in-game hours.

Eventide Island Made Easy
On Eventide Island, if you drop things on the raft before stepping off of it onto the island, they will still be there after the cut scene. Use this to make clearing the island a breeze.

Getting the Amiibo rune
Successfully complete the first Rune Trial/Shrine in the Great Plateau. After you have unlocked the first rune, go to the main menu and select the "Amiibo" option. Accept and agree to add Amiibo functionality to the game. You can remove the Amiibo rune at any time using the same "Amiibo" option at the main menu. Continue your game and hold Left Joy-Con Up to select the Amiibo rune (it is on the far right, with an "a" icon). Press L to activate the rune. You can now scan your Amiibo. A circle will appear. Press Left Joy-Con Up or Down to set the distance (either far or close). Select an area that is clear before summoning. Place the Amiibo over the Right Analog-stick on the Right Joy-Con to scan. If scanned successfully, a treasure will appear. You can only scan each Amiibo once per day. Each Amiibo related to The Legend Of Zelda drops a unique piece of armor or gear -- so it is worth checking every day until you get something unique. It is possible to get double of an item; sell the extra parts.



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