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For the first time in the franchise, up to four friends can join together to form a tactical "Strikeforce" with history's mightiest warriors. Working as a team, players can plan coordinated assaults to conquer massive armed fortresses and colossal beasts. The game's heart-pounding action will go where it has never gone before- the skies above. Gifted with new supernatural powers, characters can unleash new "Fury" transformations, streak across the skies and battle enemies in the air. Completely re-designed levels featuring immense castles, towers and ships serve as the backdrop for these...

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Legend locations
The following Legends are located at the indicated locations. Note: Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao and Zhang Jiao Legends can be unlocked by playing as any kingdom.

Xiahou Dun: Chapter4, "Guan Yu's Escape"
Dian Wei: Chapter4, "Escape from Wan Castle"
Sima Yi: Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains", room #8
Zhang Liao: Chapter5, "Run the Gauntlet"
Cao Cao: Chapter6, "Bewitching Land"
Xu Zhu: Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban"
Xiaohou Yuan: Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun", room #5
Xu Huang: Chapter4, "Cao Cao's Siege"
Zhang He: Chapter5, "Iron Armor"
Cao Ren: Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #3
Cao Pi: Chapter 5, "Battle of He Fei", room #1
Zhen Ji: Chapter4, "Battle of Guan Du"

Zhou Yu: Chapter5, "Strategist Gathering", room #4
Lu Xun: Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling", room #4
Sun Shang Xiang: Chapter4, "Merging Forces", room #4
Gan Ning: Chapter5, "Battle of He Fei", room #5
Sun Jian: Chapter4, "Golden Seal", room #6
Taishi Ci: Chapter4, "Assault on Wu Territory", room #6
Lu Meng: Chapter5, "Battle of Fan Castle", room #5
Huang Gai: Chapter4, "Assault on Liu Biao", room #5
Zhou Tai: Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #5
Ling Tong: Chapter4, "Battle of Xia Kou", room #2
Sun Ce: Chapter5, "Two Paths", room #6
Sun Quan: Chapter6, "Zenith Tower", room #10
Xiao Qiao: Chapter4, "Unification of Jiang Dong", room #4

Zhao Yun: Chapter4, "A Dou Rescue"
Guan Yu: Chapter4, "Assault on Cheng Du"
Zhang Fei: Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban"
Zhuge Liang: Chapter4, "Three Visits"
Liu Bei: Chapter6, "Manipulation"
Ma Chao: Chapter5, "Ma Su Rescue"
Huang Zhong: Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun"
Wei Yan: Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling"
Guan Ping: Chapter5, "Blood of a Warrior"
Pang Tong: Chapter4, "Battle of Bo Wan Po"
Yue Ying: Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains"

Diao Chan: Chapter2, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"
Lu Bu: Chapter6, "Black Storm"
Dong Zhuo: Chapter3, "Battle of Xia Pi", second to last map, turn left when you enter
Yuan Shao: Chapter3, "Rations Defense", middle map, upper right corner
Zhang Jiao: Chapter2, "Turbans Remnants", upper left map, upper left corner

Online Tips
In the Online City Press L2 and a button (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE) to get the character to "emote."

In the Online City Press R3 to bring up the text bar so you can send messages.

In the Online City Press L3 to bring up the Message History.

A quick tip on item collection: On some Gaiden Levels just defeat the required Character or Machine then return to the city (getting the defeat message) but you can still keep the items you grabbed.

This is very useful for Liu Bei & Sun Shang Xiang's "Birds", just kill Sun Shang Xiang and don't waste an hour killing the birds just quit and get her item drops.

Officer Relationship Combinations

1 // Cao's Influence - Cao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
2 // Sun's Bonds - sun jian, sun ce, sun quan
3 // Brother's Oath - Guan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
4 // Strategist's Reckoning - Sima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
5 // Turbans Sanctum - Zhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
6 // Burning Love - cao pi, zhen ji
7 // Young Love - Zhou You + Xiao Qiao
8 // Virtuous Love - Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang
9 // Devoted Love - Lu Bu, diao chan
10 // Pure Love - Liu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
11 // Xiahou's Spirit - Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
12 // Faithful Devotion - sun quan, zhou tai
13 // Warrior's Generation - Guan Yu + Guan Ping
14 // Princesses Dance - dong zhuo, diao chan
15 // Nemesis Bond - Cao Cao + Yuan Shao
16 // Iron Men - Dian Wei + Xu Zhu

Type Combinations using 4 Cards

17 // Imperial Majesty - 4 "Lord" Cards
18 // Poison Strategy+ - 4 "Wood" Cards
19 // Engulf Strategy+ - 4 "Fire" Cards
20 // Heavy Strategy+ - 4 "Earth" Cards
21 // Stun Strategy+ - 4 "Metal" Cards
22 // Freeze Strategy+ - 4 "Water" Cards
23 // Seal Strategy+ - 4 "Dark" Cards
24 // Disband Strategy+ - 4 "Light" Cards
25 // Ingenious Minds - 4 "Strategists" Cards
26 // Legendary Courage - 4 "Officer" Cards
27 // Wei Phoenix - 4 "Wei" Cards
28 // Wu Tiger - 4 "Wu" Cards
29 // Shu Dragon - 4 "Shu" Cards
30 // Chief's Oath - 4 "Other" Cards

Type Combinations Using 2 Cards

31 // Imperial Presence - 2 "Lord" Cards
32 // Poison Strategy - 2 "Wood" Cards
33 // Engulf Strategy - 2 "Fire" Cards
34 // Heavy Strategy - 2 "Earth" Cards
35 // Stun Strategy - 2 "Metal" Cards
36 // Freeze Strategy - 2 "Water" Cards
37 // Seal Strategy - 2 "Dark" Cards
38 // Disband Strategy - 2 "Light" Cards
39 // Agile Minds - 2 "Strategists" Cards
40 // Fearless Courage - 2 "Officer" Cards
41 // Wei's Ambition - 2 "Wei" Cards
42 // Sun's Solidarity - 2 "Wu" Cards
43 // Shu's Aspiration - 2 "Shu" Cards
44 // Chief's Union - 2 "Other Forces" Cards


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

How to unlock

Unlockable "Other" Characters

Many characters are unlocked by playing specific quests within the story mode. Many of these quests are unlocked during or after the completion of Chapter 6, with the exclusion of Meng Huo.

How to unlock

Alternate costumes

How to Unlock



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